Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hayle Stroupe, 15

Diagnosed with Rickets at age three, Hayle’s body is unable to adequately absorb Vitamin D. The disease has softened the bones in her legs and caused them to bow. At age nine, Hayle had the first of nine surgeries to help straighten her legs.

Doctors at Kosair Children’s Hospital performed each of Hayle’s surgeries; inserting rods into her bones, titanium staples into her ankles and using external fixators to hold her bones in place. In her last surgery, doctors removed a portion of Hayle’s femur, replacing it with a plate and nine screws.

Hayle has made a full recovery and now takes medicine daily to manage her disease. She is quick to tell you, she is “just like any other teen.” Hayle enjoys sports, being with family and friends and has maintained good grades, despite all that she has endured.

“All of my surgeries were at Kosair Children’s Hospital. I love this hospital and its nurses are the best. I had many of them several times. The staff makes you feel right at home.”

Hayle Stroupe


  1. this is so cool...i love it!!!<3
    and now i just celebreted my 16th birthday

  2. Hayle is a wonderful person. She has been through so much. She is just like every othet teen!!!! Im very proud of he. She is very proud of my oldest daughter.

  3. this is to correct the typos that were made in my comment. Hayle is a wonderful person.She has been through many things in her life. She made an awesome recovery and you would never know that she had nine surgeries. She is just like every other teen!!!!! I am very proud of my oldest daughter. She is an awesome and very resposible daughter. Hayle keep up the good job.