Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ashlee Bush, 21

Ashlee Bush’s fighting spirit began at a very early age. Born at Norton Hospital on June 28, 1988, Ashlee was nearly 3 ½ months premature and weighed just 1 lb 9 oz. Doctors warned Lee and Lisa Bush that their daughter had a slim chance of survival. The tiny newborn was quickly transported to Kosair Children’s Hospital, where she would begin her miraculous journey.

From the minute she arrived at Kosair Children’s Hospital, Ashlee showed the doctors and nurses that she was indeed a fighter. Her tiny legs had to be restrained as her constant kicking was causing bruising. With no major setbacks, the Bush family watched their little girl grow, ounce by ounce and day by day. Slowly but surely, Ashlee made her way from a warmer to an incubator and then from intermediate care to her home. Ashlee is just one of many tiny miracles at Kosair Children’s Hospital.

“Ashlee has grown from one of Kosair Hospital’s tiniest babies into a beautiful young woman. We are so grateful to all of the doctors and nurses at Kosair Children’s Hospital. They have given our family so much.”

The Bush Family
Lee, Lisa, Justin, Nicholas & Ashlee

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